5 Things To Know Before Getting Pet Rats

5 Things to Know Before Getting Pet Rats

You Can’t Get Just One
Rats are natural pack animals and will get depressed alone. I recommend getting at least 2 - 4. Unless you want to end up with 100 rats, make sure they are all the same gender! Rats can breed at just a few weeks old,  which can end up leaving you with a lot more rats than expected.
Big Cages Are Required
The most common mistake I see is cage size. Rats require more space than you would think. The standard rat cage is the Critter Nation. Look up this cage on google and get something of similar size. If you really want to spoil your rats you can get the double critter nation AKA Rat Mansion.
Handling Every Day
It is important you handle your rats everyday. If not, they can become anxious around humans. Rats are easily adaptable to humans so if you spend time with or near them everyday, you'll be friends in no time :) check out our previous blogs to get some ideas on how to bond with rats.
Get The Correct Food

Cheap foods targeted for general pocket pets will leave your rat nutritionally imbalanced. When shopping for rat food, it is important to select the brand made for “rats”. General rodent foods do not include all the supplements that a rat needs. Plus many tend to carry alfalfa in the ingredients, which is not digestible in rats. A common food many rat owners recommend is Oxbow Rat Essentials. Oxbow is created specifically for your pet rat and includes all of the essential nutrients. The nutrients are all packed into one pellet, which prevents selective eating and will ensure that your rat is on a well and balanced diet. 


Where to Adopt
So you're ready to get rats? If you are an experienced rat owner rescuing rats in need is always a great option! Although newbies may find adopting from a breeder or pet shop less stressful. Places to look for local rat breeders/rescues - Facebook, Instagram, any social media. 
Check out the previous blogs for more tips!


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