Common Mistakes Rat Owners Make

1. Not Enough Play Time

- Rats are extremely curious creatures and need at least 1 - 2 hours of free roam each day. Rats often get bored of their cage environment and appreciate playtime with their favorite human. During this time you can play with them, let them explore or tighten up their cage a bit :) 

2. Getting the Wrong Bedding

Getting the wrong bedding can be dangerous for a rats health. This is a mistake I see many new rat owners making. Pine and cedar bedding is cheap but toxic. The acids given off by the shavings cause respiratory problems in rats. It is highly recommended to use fleece or non-scented, dust free, paper bedding. 
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Do Not Get This 👆

3. Getting Just One Rat

Rats are naturally social creatures and always live in packs. They groom each other, sleep together, play, and even communicate through ultrasound frequencies. If you do not have the space or money to keep more than one rat we advise to wait as it is just not fair to the rat. 
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4. Getting the Right Size Cage

Time after time, I have seen rats kept in very tiny cages. This is very sad as rats need the appropriate space for games and activities. Many sources suggest the minimum cage size requirement for 2 rats is about 72cm x 36cm x 44cm, although the bigger the better. We suggest a critter nation as they are large and quality cages with easy access doors for cleaning. 
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Here is an example of cage that is way too small, even just for 1 rat.

5. Keeping the Cage Clean

Though it may not seem like it, rats appreciate a clean and organized cage. Letting a cage go too long without a wash can result in built up ammonia causing a rat to get sick. We suggest cleaning the cage at least once a week with daily wipe downs. 
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If you have any other tips you would like to add, comment below! Part 2 coming soon..

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