How to Bond With Your Pet Rats

5 Ways to Bond with Your New Pet Rats

Rats are extremely cautious creatures. Bonding with untamed rats can seem like an impossible task. Below are 5 ways you can bond with your new pet rats!

1. Spending Time with or near them

Getting a rat used to your presence is the most important step in the bonding process. If your rat is young or not yet tamed, a giant human can be terrifying! They may squeal and be very skittish at first contact. We recommend spending as much time around them as possible. This will show your rat that you are not a threat. Even putting the cage near you while working will help your rat become used to your presence. Letting your rats roam throughout a small and enclosed area, such as a bathroom or closet, is one of my favorite methods. Sit down quietly and let the rats explore you without feeling forced. If a rat feels trapped, they will most likely not want to socialize. 

2. Handling 

Handling a rat is extremely important for the bonding experience. Some rats are natural social butterflies who love attention from the day they are born, while others who are shy or come from unfortunate situations can be timid and scared. It is important that your rat does not feel scared or anxious while being held. You should practice holding and petting your rats every day. This will build a strong and trustworthy relationship between you and your rats. Patience is key when first taming a rat. Remember, each rat is different, and it is important to let them learn at their own pace.


3. Chasing / Wrestling

 Rats love wrestling and chasing with their ratty peers. Humans can wrestle rats too! Not really, just with your hands of course. To do this just pretend you hand is a rat and see how they react! You can lightly tickle, wrestle, or have them chase your hand. You can practice hand chasing by leading them with a piece of food or treat. Some rats like to play more aggressively than others, so It is important that you know your rats boundaries. Consistent interaction with your rat will show that you are a playmate and a trusty friend.


4. Training

Rats are natural learners! Teaching them a new trick can be a great way to bond with your rat. Many tricks can be taught to a rat including rolling over, shake, walk on two feet, and even jump through hoops! Just check out the video below!


5. Spoil Them!

 Treats, toys, and kisses are a rats best friends! An easy way to gain their affection is by spoiling them. Rats greatly appreciate when you share healthy new treats or spoil them with goodies from ❤ ps.. just for checking out the blog, we are giving you 25% off! Just enter "SpoiledRat" at checkout 😘



How do you bond with your rat? Comment Below!! 👇


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