How to Potty Train Rats

5 Easy Steps to Potty Train Rats

Despite popular opinion, rats are extremely clean creatures that greatly value their personal hygiene; because of this, potty training can be achieved in just a few simple steps. This is one of the most vital skills a rat can learn as it will increase their health, hygiene, and most importantly, save you the hassle of constantly picking up after them. The endless droppings of a rat can become quite gross, especially if they are not potty trained! Well, here are they are! . . . 5 simple, yet effective steps to potty train your pet rats!

1. Finding the right litter box

The first step to a poop free cage is finding the right litter box. This is actually the easiest part as many household items can do the trick. I personally use one I bought from the pet shop for its high walls and grate feature. The walls protect the rats from kicking litter outside the cage while the grate makes it very easy to clean and replace. 



2. Get Dirty

Next you must get the litter box dirty. We recommend cleaning the entire cage, replacing the litter and wiping down everything. Place some dirty litter and previous droppings into the new litter box. This will make the potty area more distinct to your rats. If you see your rat not using the new litter box, it is important that you pick up the poop ASAP and throw it in the box. This will show the rat that poop is no longer acceptable outside of their box. Some litter boxes will come with a grate over the litter; this will improve cage hygiene even more so. If you plan on using the grate, I found that it is best to introduce it later in the training process. 


3. Placing the litter box 

After you clean your cage and set up your new litter box, you are probably wondering where to put it. Watch your rats for a while and see where the popular poop spots are. Rats usually go potty in one or two places, so this should not be too difficult. We recommend placing on lower level of cage, away from their food and water.

4. Positive Reinforcement

If you see you rat pooping in the correct spot, be sure to give them a yummy treat to for encouragement! Rats love positive reinforcement, and this method is by far the most effective when training a rat. 


5. Patience 

The #1 step to training a rat is patience. All rats learn at different paces, and it is important to stay persistent with your training. Do not get frustrated if you do not see your rat going potty in the correct spot. Just simply replace the dropping into the litter box. If you stay on top of the poops, you should have your rat potty trained within a week! Good luck! Would love to hear everyone's ratty potty stories below! :) 


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