Making A Room Safe For Your Pet Rats

How To Rat-Proof Your Room (Free Roam Tips)

Is your rat ready to explore the vast unknown of your bedroom? Better get your room rat-proofed! There are many dangerous hidden in the average room for a rat. Below is the top concerns you should address before letting your rats free roam. 


1. Medicine, Pills

Rats love scouting for new foods to munch on and will search every nook and cranny of your room. Pills or easy to get to medicine can be a great threat for a rat. One chew into the wrong pill can be devastating. We recommend removing all medicine from your bedroom or storing them in a secure chew proof container. Even small pieces of plastic or trash could be a danger. Always make sure your floors are swept and clear of debris. 

2. Wires

Although none of my rats have yet to be wire chewers, it can be a serious issue. Rats naturally chew to wear down their teeth so a wire may seem like the perfect tool. Chewing on chords could cause your rat to get electrocuted which can be deadly. To avoid this we recommend covering all wires with protective tubes that can be bought at most hardware stores. The other option is to unplug all chords during free roam. If your rat loves to chew you can always satisfy their need with a chew toy from iGotRats. Enter "RatTalk" for 20% Off 😜


3. Hiding Spots

Rats can be stubborn, especially the younger ones. If they feel frightened or sense playtime is over, sometimes they hide. You need to make sure your room is clean and organized. If not, a rat can easily find a nice hiding spot which gives us humans quite the panic! The most common places pet rats hide is under beds, dressers, inside closets and sometimes even in clothes. If you cannot find your rat the best method is to be extremely quite and listen for any squeaks or sudden movements. To avoid this all together make sure your rat is fully trained before free roaming. 


4. Train Your Rat to Recall

It is very important your rats knows their name or come to a sound you have trained them to. I have found that rats respond best to a ticking sound rather than a name. My rats come running after me every time I make this certain sound. This is because every time they hear that sound they know a treat is incoming. Train your rat beforehand to come when told. This way you can always check in where they are at. 


5.  Trash


If you keep a trashcan in your bedroom there is no doubt your rat will find it. During free roam they will scout out any food as that's a rats natural job! Rats love trash but the chance of them getting into something dangerous is too high. We recommend removing or covering all trashcans in your room.  


Practice Free Roaming With A Leash First!

Photo By @AnnieRat1 on Twitter

If you are planning on letting your rat free roam it is best to practice with a leash. This way you and your rat can get a feel first. Luckily here at iGotRats we sell quality adjustable leashes! (Click Here to Check out the Rat Leash!)



If you have any other tips, feel free to comment below! 👇