Top 5 Celebrities With Pet Rats!

#5 Clint Eastwood

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 Movie star, Clint Eastwood has been reported to have multiple pet rats. In an interview with Good Morning America he admits he enjoys the weekly task of cleaning the cages! Just when you think Clint couldn't get any cooler..

#4 - Jamie Lee Curtis

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Jamie Lee Curtis had a rat named Diglett. This rat went almost everywhere with her! She even had a photoshoot with Him :)

#3 Rupert Grint 

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Rupert Grint, also known as Ron Weasley kept a pair of rat actors he worked with while filming Harry Potter!

#2 Frankie Muniz

Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz doesn't remember making ...

Frankie Muniz also known as, Malcolm from, "Malcom in The Middle" has been reported to be a fellow rat lover. He has owned several rats throughout his life. 

#1 Pink

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Pink the music artist, has two pet rats named Thelma and Louise. She claims they are her two best friends and even brings them on tour! 


- If you would like to add any other celebs to the list feel free to comment below!


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