Top 5 Rat Myths

Rats Are Responsible for The Plague

At some point in your life you have probably learned that rats are responsible for the the plague, a deadly disease which killed nearly a third of the population during the middle ages. Fleas infected with the plague would inhabit any mammal they could find. This included gerbils, birds, rats and humans. All mammals suffered from the plague. To blame just one species is unfair. The disease spread so fast because of the poor hygiene during the middle ages. Waste management as well as a poor understanding of germ theory were largely responsible for the rapid spread of the disease.

 Rats Are Dirty

Many assume rats are dirty animals, but in fact they are one of the cleanest pets you can get! A rats personal hygiene is very important and they will often groom themselves multiple times throughout the day. Because of this, there is no need to ever bathe your rat. It is also very easy to potty train rats as they like to keep their environment clean. To learn more on potty training check out our recent blog!

Rats are not affectionate

All rat lovers know that rats are some of the sweetest animals in the world. If handled and trained correctly rats can become extremely loyal and affectionate pets. Some rat owners even describe them as miniature puppies! Rats love getting massages, playing, and getting treats from their favorite human.  For more fun ways to bond with rats check out our blog.

You are always within 6 feet of a wild rat

Although there is no proof, this rumor is still very popular and shows up in many rat related articles. The idea was most likely made up by pest control companies to scare the general population. BBC has a great article which exposes this myth. Click below to read the full story!

Rats are low maintenance  

Many will get rats as pets because they believe they are low maintenance; however, if you do not have the time or effort available, we recommend not getting a rat. Rats must have at least one hour of free roam and handling per day, must always be kept in pairs, and must have the appropriate size cage. Far too often rats are bought and not cared for correctly. If you are thinking about adopting any pet, please do the proper research!