Top Rat Youtube Channels!

 Shadow The Rat

Shadow The Rats channel is all about rat training! The channel has been on youtube for 2 years now and uploads videos almost everyday of her adorable ratties learning new tricks! One of her newest videos features her rat learning to read flash cards! If you have rats and plan on training them fancy tricks, "Shadow The Rats" channel is great place to find inspiration! 


The Rat Guru

The Rat Guru has tons of informational videos explaining the ins and outs of pet rats. On her channel you can find a series called "Rattiepedia" where she goes over the history and basic care of pet rats. She has been on YouTube for quite a few years and has discusses just about every topic of the rat you can imagine. 



 Emiology is a former rat lover who posts pet vlogs and informational vidoes all about pet rats and mice! She hosts a series called, "Rodent Replies" where she goes over the community's most frequently asked questions. 



Did you know iGotRats has a Youtube channel? Currently the channel is filled with a handful of silly rat videos. This year we plan to revamp the channel and start an informational series of our own :) What type of videos would you like to see? Comment Below! 

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