Why Male Rats Cannot Have Oranges

🍊The OJ Controversy🍊

If you have male rats here is some helpful advise. Don't give them oranges. D-Limonene, a chemical found in the skin and white part of an orange causes kidney damage in rats, but not all. Only male rats. This is because a male rats kidney is more sensitive than the females.  A study done in 1991 by the American Association for Cancer Research  proves this and gives a more in depth analysis. Most high citrus fruits contain this harmful chemical. Papaya, mango, lemons and grapefruit are recommended to avoid. If your boys are craving for oranges, don't cave in. Instead find a healthy alternative such as yoggies or pea fishing! This is not much of a blog but thought I should leave this tip here :) If you have any future suggestions for blogs feel free to leave your thoughts below. Say hi to your rats for me..

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