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Alberta, Canada refuses to differentiate Fancy Rats from Wild Rats. Since the 1950s Alberta has claimed to be "Rat Free" although this is not the case. Thousands of rat sightings are reported every year. Claiming to be rat free is a blatant lie and on top of this, pet rats are only illegal because the government does not differentiate them between the Norwegian Brown Rat. The Norwegian Brown Rat also known as the wild rat is very different from a Fancy Rat. Fancy rats have evolved to be pets over hundreds of years of domestication. Not allowing pet rats is like banning a Chihuahua for being related to the Wolf! Just like the Chihuahua, a fancy rat wouldn't last a few days in the wild without dying. The government of Alberta Canada needs to recognize these differences and give fancy rats the freedom they deserve. 

Educate the Alberta government on the difference between wild and pet rats and rid of the awful stigma around our furry little critters. 

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